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In “Spectre” James Bond was traveling to Mexico, Italy, Austria and Marocco. While he was in a train with Madeleine Swann (Lea Seydoux) in North Africa, three members of MI6 met in Rules restaurant in London. Miss Moneypenny (Naomie Harris) and Q (Ben Whishaw) informed M (Ralph Finnes) that they had found where James Bond was heading to. Their boss didn’t believe it was possible to help 007. He went out from the restaurant in the rain stream. The audience could see dissapointed faces of Miss Moneypenny and Q behind the window with the restaurant logo.

Rules restaurant in London

Rules restaurant in LondonThe sequence was filmed at Rules restaurant at Maiden Lane, Covent Garden. The restaurant established by Thomas Rule in 1798 is the oldest one in London.Rules restaurant in LondonThe scene was filmed on May 22nd 2015. The Rules, which is usually open seven days a week, was closed also the day before shooting. The restaurant published on its website rather mysterious note that it would be closed due to “essential work being carried out in the kitchen”.

For the scene, metal-framed structure with lights was put up above the narrow street. To create heavy rain, water sprinklers were used. Cameraman had to sit under umbrella.

Rules restaurant in LondonRules restaurant in London

The discussion between the three characters was filmed at the table located in front of the main entrance to the restaurant (photo below).Rules restaurant in London

It is worth to add that Ralph Finnes has been involved in filming at Rules restaurant over a dozen years before, when he played Maurice Bendrix in “The End of the Affair”. The restaurant has been also filming location of a few scenes in “Downton Abbey” TV series.