My name is Piotr (Peter) Zajac. I was born when James Bond looked like Roger Moore. I live in Wroclaw, Poland.

I’m mechanical designer working in aerospace industry who admires great engineering behind the scenes of James Bond films.
I’m traveler who has discovered that James Bond filming locations are great destinations worth visiting. Following in the footsteps of 007 I’ve visited 8 countries on 2 continents so far.
I love meeting great people and talking to them: check out my over a dozen of interviews on bondlocations.com/interviews
I’m photographer inspired by amazing James Bond filming locations.

To see some of my my photos not related with James Bond visit @piotrzajacphoto on Facebook and Instagram.

Piotr Zajac

Me in Carrara, Italy, where ‘Quantum of Solace’ car chase was filmed.