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In ‘Skyfall’ James Bond met new Quatermaster in the National Gallery in London.The National Gallery in LondonJames Bond passed through the Trafalgar Square and climbed the stairs on the right side of the building. In the next scene he was sitting on a bench inside the National Gallery, looking at the painting hanging on a wall. The man sitting next to him turned out to be Q.The National Gallery in LondonThe National Gallery at Trafalgar Square in LondonThe film crew was working on Trafalgar Square on November 19th 2011. They were working inside the gallery during closing hours at night. Daniel Craig and Ben Whishaw (who played James Bond and Q) were sitting in front of the famous oil painting called ‘The Fighting Temeraire’ painted by Joseph Mallord William Turner in 1839. It can be found on Level 2 in Room 34 in the National Gallery in London. In photos below you can see where 007 climbed the stairs and entered the gallery.The National Gallery in LondonThe National Gallery in LondonSources: