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James Bond (Timothy Dalton) and Kara Milovy (Maryam d’Abo) arrived to Vienna and took a carriage to the hotel. On the way they passed among others Schönbrunn Palace, former summer residence of the Habsburg family. Schönbrunn Palace in Wien, AustriaThe horse-drawn carriage with Bond and Kara traveled along a line of trees towards the southern facade of the palace that you can see in the second photo. Schönbrunn Palace in Wien, AustriaWhen they were passing in front of the palace an orchestra was playing on the balcon, and couples were waltzing on a stage.Schönbrunn Palace in Wien, Austria

While visiting the Schönbrunn Palace you can enter the balcony where the orchestra was playing (see photo below).Schönbrunn Palace in Wien, Austria

The stage where couples were waltzing was located below the balcony on a wide strip sprinkled with gravel that you can see in the next photo.Schönbrunn Palace in Wien, Austria

Behind the carriage you could see the gloriette. It was built in 18th century on the top of the hill in the Schönbrunn Palace Garden. Gloriette at Schönbrunn Palace in Wien, Austria

Standing on the balcony where the orchestra was playing you can see on the left the alley that the carriage came along and the gloriette on the right.Schönbrunn Palace in Wien, Austria

It is worth to climb the hill where the gloriette is located. The view from the top is gorgeous. You can see the city skyline.Schönbrunn Palace in Wien, AustriaIn the evening James Bond and Kara Milovy attended the opera performance. That sequence was filmed in Schlosstheater in Schönbrunn Palace with nearly 250 extras. It is worth to mention that Michael G. Wilson and his wife were sitting in the audience. As he confessed it was the charm of this place that convinced them to be part of the scene.
The same location was used for the concert sequence with Kara playing solo at the end of the film. The role of the conductor was played by composer John Barry, who composed soundtracks for 12 James Bond films.
Unfortunately the Schlosstheater was closed for the public during my visit to Vienna. Schönbrunn Palace in Wien, Austria

The northern facade of the palace was the background for the end credits.Schönbrunn Palace in Wien, Austria

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