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I’ve written about foot chase in ‘Quantum of Solace’ that was filmed in Siena, Italy already (‘Quantum of Solace’ in Siena, Italy), but I skipped the sequence with James Bond jumping from one balcony to another. It was difficult to find exact filming location of that sequence, because it turned out that balconies seen in the movie were built just for the purpuse of filming. I’ve found only one existing balcony (see photos below) above intersection of Via del Rialto and Vicolo del Vannello streets. It was the one seen in background behind 007 chasing Craig Mitchell. All other balconies from the movie were built on the left from that one.Siena, ItalySiena, Italy

In the next photo you can see Via del Rialto with Torre del Mangia at Piazza del Campo in background. While taking this photo I was standing right below the place where the balcony from the movie was built.Via del Rialto in Siena, Italy

In that filming location there is a small square at intersection of Via del Rialto and Vicolo del Vannello, so the distance to jump would be too big even for 007. To make it a narrow street as it was visible in the movie, artificial buildings had been built.

In that sequence Daniel Craig was doubled by stuntman Bobby Holland Hanton, Craig Mitchell was played by Glenn Foster. It was filmed by stunt cameraman Diz Sharpe.

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